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For permission to reuse/reprint this journal's material in a book, journal, newspaper, anthology, post on a commercial website, etc, requests must be sent by email to SCJM with the following information:

- Full name, affiliation, and title.
- Complete mailing address, phone number, fax number, and email address.

Requested material:
- Authors' names.
- Title.
- Volume number, issue number, date of publication.
- Portion of text or figure/table to be reused/reprinted.

Intended use:
- Title of the new work.
- Authors/editors of the new work.
- Publisher.
- Retail price of work.
- Number of copies of the new work.
- Intended audience of the new work.
- SCJM will notify the original authors of the requested work.
- Use of SCJM material does not imply any endorsement by SCJM.
- The full journal reference is to be cited using the AMA Style Guide.

To send your request please click here:  permissions@socaljmed.org

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