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Southern California Journal of Medicine, is a monthly, peer-reviewed general medical journal published in the United States. SCJM is free and available everywhere in the world.
SCJM is designed for the clinicians and the academics who practice, research, or teach all branches of medicine. SCJM publishes independently submitted original papers, clinical reviews, editorials, brief reports, correspondence and book reviews.

Working with researchers, educators, and contributors from all around the globe, SCJM strives to become one of the world's leading independent medical journals. SCJM is open to every medical professional in the world. This free, online journal, is available to physicians and other medical professionals, as well as medical institutions and health care providers in every country.

The scope of SCJM is all aspects of human health, from preventive health care to treatment of diseases to emergency care. It is designed to serve as a practical guide for the continuing education of physicians who diagnose and treat disorders.

SCJM publishes the best original primary research papers and review articles of the highest standard. All articles are rigorously edited and peer-reviewed to maintain the accuracy, scientific integrity, and clinical value of their contents.